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Looking for pawn shops in nz ? want to know where to get the best deals for your items ? Through research and customer feedback pawnbrokers has sourced out some of the best pawn shops in New Zealand. These pawn shops provide the best best deals when you want to pawn your goods and get instant cash.

These companies are registered pawnbrokers in nz and have been in the pawn business for quite a long time. So if you need instant cash and want to get best deals for your items check out some of the best pawn shops in nz.

Pawn Shops New Zealand

Pawn Shop : Mr Money

Mr Money has over 15 years of experience, our knowledgeable appraisers are well-known throughout the industry in assessing the value of jewellery, collectibles, art and antique's. Mr money is renowned for giving the highest pay-outs for merchandise.

Items : Anything of Value

Service : They Buy, Sell and Loan on your goods in store

Contact :

Pawn Shop : Gold Smart

Gold Smart provide a fast, friendly and professional service, giving you a fair and open process for selling gold for cash.

Items : Gold

Service : immediate cash for for unwanted gold

Contact :  ( 0800 Gold Smart )

 Pawn Shop : Cash Converters

Cash Converters New Zealand's favorite place to buy and sell and is the world's largest second-hand dealer. They pay good money for almost any item of value. So don't just sit on it sell it at Cash Converters. if your Need money in a hurry? cash converters offer convenient cash loans, from $100 - $1,000.

Items : Almost anything

Service : Instant cash for your items

Contact :

Pawn Shop : Dollar Dealers

Dollars Dealers will give you the best price for your unwanted gold and jewellery. Dollar dealers have 6 pawn shops in New Zealand and also own The Casino Gold House. You can get the best prices for your unwanted gold jewellery in nz.Sell your unwanted gold and jewellery now

Items : anything of value ( gold, appliances, rings, power tools etc )

Service : Instant cash for your goods

Contact :

Pawn Shop : The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond will sell or purchase a single item, a collection of items, an entire estate of items or anything in-between..Safe, Trusted, licenced and Insured.. we sell and also buy Antiques & Retro I offer private consultations at your place or mine. we provide prompt and courteous service.

You can feel confident that you are working with the very best. Ph 022-653-3648 As a pawnbroker we offer cash loans in exchange for an item of value to me, the may pawn gold or silver jewellery or what ever you have that may be of greater value to us, except guns or cars sorry.minimun loan $1000.00 Generally interest is charged at 15% per month.This may vary depending on the amount loaned.Goods are held for a maximum of three months, then they are put up for auction in New Plymouth.You must have with you photo I.D. to pawn an item. 

Contact Details : 

Contact Person: Peter Gunn

Website :

Phone : 022-653-3648

Pawn Shop : Antique Alley’s

Antique alley' is one of the oldest operating pawnbrokers in New Zealand, having held a license continuously since the early 1970’s. They buy almost anything for cash for get more information on antique alleys pawn shop

Items : Almost anything

Service : immediate cash for unwanted personal items


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Pawnbrokers offers List of the best pawn shops in New Zealand that offer money in exchange for your personal items like gold, jewelery, appliances and much more. Get instant cash when you need cash fast.