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Pawnbrokers is a place where you can find information and free advice on how and where to pawn your items to free up some cash for your needs. We all run out of cash sometime or latter and sometimes we need cash in a hurry and pawning items that you don't need or use can be a great way to free up some cash. has some of the best information advice and pawn shops in New Zealand. 

Through our extensive research and customer feed back we have gathered some of the best pawn shops from throughout Auckland and rest Of New Zealand. 

If you are looking to pawn your items in Auckland then check out Auckland pawn shops here  or if you are looking for pawn your items in Christchurch then check out some of the best pawn shops in Christchurch here. 
If you are a pawnbroker and would like to be listed on our site then please do feel free to contact us or fill out the form here to get your business listed on You can